Shopify Return Label: Simplify and Boost eCommerce

Managing returns can be a daunting task for any eCommerce business, but with the help of a Shopify return label, this process becomes much more streamlined and efficient. 

We’ll begin by discussing how to create return labels using Shopify’s built-in features, followed by instructions on printing or voiding shipping labels as needed. 

Furthermore, attaching return labels to packages is crucial for maintaining an effective returns process; hence, we’ll provide guidance on accomplishing this task efficiently. 

Managing returns with Shopify return label

What Is A Shopify Return Label?

A Shopify return label is an essential tool for eCommerce businesses that allow customers to return products.

Return labels offer customers a convenient way to return their items by providing them with an already paid-for and addressed shipping label that they can attach to the package before mailing it back.

Implementing reliable returns software not only helps your team manage these transactions efficiently but also enhances customer experience.

Return labels are a key element of Shopify stores, as they not only provide merchants with an efficient way to manage returns but also enhance customer experience.

Create Your Own Customized Return Labels

These apps offer a wide range of features, including customizable return label templates and automated email notifications to customers when their returns are processed.

By leveraging the power of Shopify’s ecosystem and integrating with these third-party solutions, you can further streamline your returns process while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Remember that offering a seamless and efficient returns process is crucial for building trust with your customers, which ultimately leads to increased sales and long-term success in the competitive world of eCommerce.

Shopify Return Labels are a great way to streamline the return process for your customers, making it easier and more efficient.

With Shopify’s powerful tools, you can now create customized return labels with ease – let’s take a look at how.

Key Takeaway:

Shopify return labels simplify the returns process for customers and merchants, leading to increased customer satisfaction, faster refunds or exchanges, better inventory management, and easier tracking. Third-party apps like Shippo or Returnly offer customizable return label templates and automated email notifications to enhance the returns experience further. By offering a seamless and efficient returns process, eCommerce businesses can build trust with their customers and increase sales in a competitive market.

Create return labels with Shopify

Create Return Labels with Shopify

Managing returns is an essential aspect of running a successful eCommerce business.

With Shopify, you can easily create return labels for your customers directly from the admin panel.

This not only streamlines the process but also enhances customer satisfaction by making it convenient for them to return items.

To create a return label in Shopify, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Orders section in your Shopify admin.
  2. Select the order that requires a return label.
  3. Click on “More actions” and choose “Create return label.”
  4. Enter all necessary information, such as package weight and dimensions, then click “Calculate shipping.”
  5. Select your preferred shipping carrier and service level.
  6. Purchase the label by clicking on “Buy shipping label.”…..

Your customers will receive an email containing their prepaid return shipping label and instructions on how to use it.

They simply need to print out the provided PDF file, attach it securely to their package, and drop it off at any authorized location of your chosen carrier.

The entire process becomes hassle-free for both you and your customers.

With Shopify, creating return labels has never been easier. Now, you can print or void your shipping label with ease and efficiency.

Key Takeaway:

Shopify offers various tools to automate eCommerce businesses, including apps for inventory management and order processing. Implementing an automated return management solution like Returns Center by AfterShip streamlines the returns process with custom policies, prepaid shipping labels, real-time tracking, and data analysis. 

Attach Return Labels to Packages

To ensure a successful return process for both parties, it is essential to securely affix the printed label to the package prior to shipment.

This not only helps in tracking its progress but also guarantees that the returned item arrives safely at your warehouse or store.

Here are some tips on how to correctly attach a Shopify return label:

  1. Choose an appropriate packaging material: Select a suitable packaging material based on the size and weight of the product being returned. You can use padded envelopes, boxes, or other sturdy materials that provide adequate protection during transit. For more information about choosing proper packaging materials, check out this Shopify blog post.
  2. Clean and dry surface: Ensure that the surface where you will be attaching the label is clean and dry so it adheres well without any issues.
  3. Avoid covering important details: When placing the return label onto your package, do not cover any barcodes or important shipping information with tape or stickers, which could lead to complications during shipment processing.
  4. Tape edges securely: Use clear packing tape around all four edges of your shipping label so it stays firmly attached throughout its journey back home. Avoid using duct or masking tape as they may peel off easily during transportation.
  5. Add additional documents if required: Some returns might require extra documentation, such as customs forms for international shipments; ensure these are included inside an envelope affixed securely alongside your Shopify return label if needed.

Adhering to these steps can guarantee that your customers’ returns are managed effectively and without any issues, thereby leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and strengthened brand allegiance, as well as more repeat purchases. 

Attaching return labels to packages is a great way for eCommerce merchants to streamline their returns process and make it easier for customers.

With US Returns accepted, you can now extend your services even further and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Key Takeaway:

To ensure a smooth return process, choose appropriate packaging material, clean and dry the surface where you will attach the label, avoid covering important details with tape or stickers, securely tape edges using clear packing tape, and add extra documentation if required. Properly attaching Shopify return labels to packages contributes to a positive customer experience, increasing brand loyalty and repeat business.

US Returns Accepted

If your default location is in the United States and your business accepts returns, you can create and send return labels in your Shopify admin. Offering a convenient return process helps to build customer loyalty and encourages them to make future purchases.

Why Accepting Returns Is Important

  • Customer Satisfaction: Offering a hassle-free return process helps build customer trust and encourages them to shop with you again.
  • Competitive Advantage: Many online retailers offer free or easy returns as part of their service offerings. To remain competitive, providing a similar experience to customers is essential.
  • Fewer Chargebacks: When customers have an easy way to return products they’re unsatisfied with, they are less likely to initiate chargebacks through their credit card company – saving you time and money on disputes.

Create Return Labels Through Shopify Admin

To create a return label in Shopify, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the order details page within your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Shopify Help Center: Create A Return Shipping Label.
  3. Select “Create Return Label.”

Frequently Asked Questions Shopify Return Label

Does Shopify do return labels?

Yes, Shopify allows you to create and manage return labels for your customers.

You can use the Shopify Shipping feature to generate these labels and streamline the returns process for you and your customers.

What should be on a return label?

A return label should include essential information such as the sender’s address (your business), recipient’s address (customer), order number, barcode or tracking number, shipping carrier details, and any additional instructions if necessary. 

This ensures that returned packages are easily identifiable and processed efficiently upon receipt.

Shopify return label - what should be on a return label


In conclusion, Shopify return labels are an essential tool for eCommerce businesses to streamline their returns process and provide a hassle-free experience for customers.

With Shopify’s user-friendly platform, creating and attaching return labels to packages is quick and easy. By utilizing Shopify, businesses can cut back on time and resources in the future.

Make sure your online store accepts US returns, as this will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you need assistance setting up your Shopify return label system or optimizing your eCommerce business, contact Rich Commerce today!

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