Automate Your Returns with a Powerful Shopify Returns App

A better experience for your Shopify customers.
Less hassle for you.

shopify returns app

Bye bye email

Self-Serve Return Portal

Offer your customers a hassle-free way to start a Shopify return with an easy-to-use return portal guided by a clear return policy set by you.

  • Higher trust
  • A great customer experience
  • More loyal customers means more revenue

Built for Shopify

Deep Shopify Integration

Our returns app is exclusively built for Shopify. We are leveraging Shopify's native APIs to offer an unparalleled returns experience for your customers.

  • Seamless experience
  • Benefit from our Shopify Expertise
  • Built hand-in-hand based on Shopify merchants' feedback


Auto-Approve Returns

Auto-Approve Shopify returns to offer a smooth experience on the customer side and to increase efficiency on your team's side.

  • Set up Advanced Rules
  • Auto Approve Returns that match your criteria


Pre-Paid Return Labels

Automatically offer customers a prepaid return shipping label without any staff input through one of our carrier integrations.

  • No more "easy to loose" labels inside the box
  • Zero manual work for automatic labels
  • Know exactly what returns are coming instead of guessing who returns what when
  • Don't use Prepaid labels? Not a problem at all, you can use Rich Returns just as good.

Seamless Experience

Store Integration

Let a customer start a Shopify return directly from your order confirmation email or order history without entering their order information.

  • No manual typing of order information
  • Integration into your store, e.g. customer order history

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