Why Go Rich Returns?

You may have heard the term "post-purchase experience" before — but what is it, exactly? A great post-purchase experience is a methodology for growing your business and brand. It’s based on building meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers through providing great customer service and valuable experiences with your products. It’s also about valuing and empowering these people to reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you. Why is that important? Because when your customers succeed, you succeed.

The Rich Returns Platform is a returns solution built to power this post-purchase experience and to help you — and your customers — to grow better.


The Other experience

Manual Returns Process

A manual return process is slow and messy and requires lots of input from your employees. In the end the customer has a bad experience, support is overwhelmed with return requests and management has zero clues about how returns affect the business.

The Rich experience

vs Easy Returns Process

With Rich Returns, it's easy for your customers to return items. Our system makes the entire item return journey easy, intuitive and hassle free. You can use policies and advanced rules to automate returns. Happy customers, happy staff, better business decisions.

No Other Return Options

Without any other available options your store is forced to refund all orders instead of retaining revenue from exchanges and store credit all the while customers have to jump through hoops to give you their money for the right product.

vs Configurable Exchange Options

Offer customers the option to exchange items instead of asking for refunds. Set automatic return policies that retain your company more revenue.

Bad Customer Experience

Slow returns and no exchange options scream 'bad customer experience' and a low trust in your brand. This stifles the growth of your brand in the long term and is a major obstacle in increasing average order value and returning customers. Those customers might not return to make another purchase.

vs Great Customer Experience

A fast and easy return and exchange process makes customers happy to shop with you. Good customer experience goes a long way of impacting Customer Life Time Value (CLV) and Average Order Value (AOV) as well as brand loyalty. Those happy to shop with you will come back to make another purchase.

Lost Revenue

All of these factors combined lead to a poor returns experience and money lost on returns. What could have been profit is now refunds only and unhappy customers.

vs More Revenue & Higher Customer LTV

A great customer experience requires an easy return and exchange process that will help your store retain more revenue each day while making your customers happy to shop with your brand in mind in the long term.

Our extensive experience with large-scale Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants makes us your trusted partner for scaling globally

Trusted by some of the fastest growing Shopify stores to deliver a seamless experience for returns and exchanges to their customers. From startups to established companies to publicly traded enterprises, we help our customers to deliver a great post-purchase experience at any scale.

Built exclusively for Shopify and Shopify Plus with an easy to use experience in mind.

Extensive documentation and responsive Support right at your side.

Their opinion - not ours

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We have been using Rich Returns for just under 2 years and find the portal very efficient both for CS agents and our customers. The team has always been on hand to offer quick support and is receptive to optimisation and suggestions we have given!
Saint and Sofia
Great app for handling returns, but also amazing customer service! Would recommend the app to everyone.
lala Berlin
Great app for our return shipments. We can offer free returns from county's outside the EU to our warehouse within the EU because of Rich Returns. Special thanks to Andrej from support!
The team over at Rich Returns is amazing. Super helpful and fast! The app has allowed us to make a very simple exchange platform for our customers. A+
Aya Healthcare
We're really impressed by Rich Returns and their developer support. We explored 5 other alternative apps beforehand and they were all either way overpriced or lacked the unique functionality that we needed and were not willing to adapt anything for us. Rich Returns has been adding and adjusting features we request within 24 hours. We highly recommend this app.
This app has made our exchange/return process much smoother and easier for customers and staff! Great customer support too

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