Shopify Exchanges Done Right

Seamless Shopify Exchanges made to retain more revenue.

shopify exchanges

Watch Phil do a Shopify Exchange in Rich Returns (3 min video)

Improved Financials

Retain More Revenue

Retain more revenue by incentivizing exchanges and offering a seamless exchange process for your Shopify customers.

  • More loyal customers
  • More cash in the bank
  • Less support inquiries

Drive Loyalty

One-Click Exchanges for Your Customers

Offer an unparalleled experience and drive more exchanges. Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLVT) by making customers actually come back with a seamless process.

  • No manual back and forth for customer support
  • Seamless selection of another variant or different item
  • Live inventory check

Drive Productivity

One-Click Exchanges for your Team

Give your Team the tools to process
exchange orders quickly. Eliminate
manual mistakes, improve throughput
and make exchanges a competitive
advantage of yours.

  • One Click Exchange Orders and Draft Orders
  • Directly from the Rich Returns dashboard
  • Deeply integrated with Shopify

Get Started with Rich Returns

Offer a better exchange experience for your Shopify customers and experience fewer issues for your team.
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