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Here is what you can do with Rich Returns.

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Self-Serve Return Portal

Offer customers a seamless return experience.

Prepaid Labels (optional)

Increase loyalty and make the process of returning an item more intuitive for your customers.

Always in the loop

Keep customers engaged with our automatic email notifications.


Your Logo

Customize the portal with your own brand.

Your Background

Provide customers a consistent branding experience.

Your Style

Customize texts on the portal and wording in emails to communicate in a consistent way with your customers.


Auto-Approve returns

Auto-Approve returns to offer a smooth experience on the customer side and to increase efficiency on your team's side.

Stay in touch with your customers

Keep customers in the loop regarding their return with a customized email for every step of the process. Dramatically reduce customer support inquiries and provide a better experience.

Pre-Paid Return Labels

Automatically offer customers a prepaid return label without any staff input through one of our carrier integrations.

Self-Serve Return Portal

Offer your customers a hassle-free way to start a return with a fully branded return-portal without you getting involved.

Store integration

Let a customer start a return directly from their confirmation email or order history without entering their order information.

Photo Uploads

Ask or require customers to upload a photo of their return items (Add-On). Let staff review these photos in the merchant dashboard and approve or reject a return.

Advanced Rules & Policies

Build powerful rules that segment customers based on order data and actions taken during the return process and adjust options they see during the return process and after.

One Click Exchanges

One Click Exchanges for your customers. One Click Exchanges for your Team.

Deep Shopify integration

Exclusively built for Shopify. Leveraging Shopify's native APIs to offer an unparalleled returns experience for your customers.

Prepaid Return Labels

Never loose them again

No more "easy to loose" labels inside the box.

Completely automatic

Zero manual work for automatic labels required from your team.


Know exactly what returns are coming instead of guessing who returns what when.

Advanced Rules & Policies

Full Control

You control what gets auto-approved and what requires manual approval from your team.

Multiple Timeframes

Set multiple return timeframes and adjust the available options to your business case.

Retain more Revenue

Incentivize customer behavior that retains your store more revenue with a preferred return method (e.g. a free label) and set custom fees for others.

Based on Order-Data

Execute Rules based on data in the original Order.

Based on Customer Actions

Execute Rules based on actions the customer takes during the return like the selected return reason.

...and much more

Custom return addresses, mandatory photo upload, custom fees, manual approval, different countries, etc.


Pre-Translated Languages

10 Pre-Translated languages that are available for your customers on the return portal.

Customize Everything

Customize all texts on the return portal to match your brand's voice.

Full Control

Enable certain languages to be available for your portal and set a default.

Revenue Retention

Seamless Exchanges

Move from refunds to more exchanges with a seamless and automated experience for your customers.

Offer a Store-Credit option

Give customers the option for Store-Credit and issue a Gift-Card in Shopify.

Full Control

Build extensive Rules with the Advanced Rules Builder to retain your business more revenue.


One Click Exchanges for your customers.

Offer an unparalleled experience and drive more exchanges. Increase CLV by making customers actually come back with a seamless process.

One Click Exchanges for your Team

Give your Team the tools to process exchange orders quickly. Eliminate manual mistakes, improve throughput and make exchanges a competitive advantage of yours.

Retain More Revenue

More revenue. More loyal customers. Less support inquiries.

Merchant Experience

Everything in one place

One unified dashboard to process returns deeply integrated with Shopify. Spend more time on actions that actually drive your business.

Spend less time processing returns.

Offer your team a streamlined process to handle returns in minutes all within a single interface with all information
at hand. Auto-Approve returns with our Advanced Rules Builder to spend more time on what matters most in your business.

Collect feedback that drives revenue

Dig even deeper into our detailed CSV exports to identify reasons for product defects before they affect a significant portion of your customers. Give Data-Analysts the foundation to learn from return-data for future product launches. Empower Designers and Product Managers to check photos uploaded by customers on faulty items to improve the existing product pipeline.


Business Intelligence

Export detailed CSV data and crunch the numbers in any spreadsheet application or Business-Intelligence Tool.

API - Data the way you want it

Use our API to fetch data, trigger automatic actions on returns and build integrations to transfer data seamlessly to your systems (ERP, CRM, 3PL, etc).

Basic Dashboard (public beta)

Look at basic numbers like the number of returns, return rates, average number of items and more from within your dashboard.



Keep the customer in the loop at every stage of the return to deliver a great experience and reduce customer support inquiries.


Customize texts for all email templates and use dynamic-variables to further personalize the experience.

Prepaid Return Labels

Deliver the prepaid return label to the customer together with a customized email to make the return experience your competitive advantage.

Shopify & Shopify Plus

Built for Shopify

We don't try to fit it all. Rich Returns has been built exclusively for the Shopify and Shopify Plus platform to offer your customers the best experience and your company the deepest integrations.

Deep Integrations

If it is technically possible we either have it already or have it on the roadmap. Empowering your team and powering your brand.

Shopify Plus Family

Join our large family of Shopify Plus brands for a great merchant and customer experience.

...and more

Works globally (- not US only -)

Multi-language support

Multi-currency support

Shippo and ShipStation integration

Custom return reasons

Multiple Items Per Return

Custom return period for returns

Exclude items based on product tags

Capture Customer Comments

Customer Photo Uploads

Bring Your Own Label

Variant exchanges

Restocking Fee

Label Fee

Intercom integration

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