Shopify Returns Management Software

A better experience for your customers. Less hassle for you.

shopify returns app

Bye bye email

Self-Serve Portal.

Offer your customers a hassle-free
way to start a return with a hosted
return-portal guided by a clear return
policy set by you.

  • Higher trust
  • A great customer experience
  • More loyal customers means more revenue

Built for Shopify

Deep Shopify integration

Exclusively built for Shopify.
Leveraging Shopify's native APIs
to offer an unparalleled returns
experience for your customers.

  • Seamless experience
  • Benefit from our Shopify Expertise
  • Built hand-in-hand based on Shopify merchants' feedback


Auto-Approve returns.

Auto-Approve returns to offer a smooth experience on the customer side and to increase efficiency on your team's side.

  • Set up Advanced Rules
  • Auto Approve Returns that match your criteria


Pre-Paid Return Labels.

Automatically offer customers a prepaid return label without any staff input through one of our carrier integrations.

  • No more "easy to loose" labels inside the box
  • Zero manual work for automatic labels
  • Know exactly what returns are coming instead of guessing who returns what when
  • Don't use Prepaid labels? Not a problem at all, you can use Rich Returns just as good.

Seamless experience.

Store integration.

Let a customer start a return directly from your confirmation email or order history without entering their order information. See our integration guides on how to set this up.

  • No manual typing of order information
  • Integration into your store, e.g. customer order history

Get started with Rich Returns

Built exclusively for the Shopify platform. A better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team. You'll be set up in minutes.